“Providing transport for the community”

W&DCT will continue to service the needs of traditional users of Community Transport and Dial-a-Ride, with courtesy, care, consideration and respect. We will continue to adapt and manage ever changing environmental needs by both personal, travel and transport requirements, broadening our scope and development to encompass ever changing demands.

• Become a focus of excellence for the development of Community Transport in Weston-super-Mare, this will involve exercising professional standards of operation, interpreting our methods in ways that are appropriate to our business and the Community Transport marking in general.
• Become first point of contact for any organisation that has a need for Community Transport.
• Continue to create and sustain a robust operating infrastructure.
• Ensure our quality control measures and quality of service meet the required standard.
• Continue to expand our customer base and external profile.
• Increase opportunities for volunteering and training.
• Improve our operational fleet to meet the needs of an ever changing environment.

In order to provide the highest standard of service to our members and customers W&DCT will review policies processes and performance regularly and implement recommended changes for improvement.

W&DCT aim to become a successful social enterprise with any surplus funds generated reinvested into the business.

• To meet the needs and requirements of those that are socially & rurally isolated; providing a service solution, giving general inclusion to amenities that may otherwise be out of reach.
• To retain a management structure which remains committed and possesses the necessary skills and experience to direct continues development services.
• Monitor, maintain, manage and application of training standards; ensuring we deliver the highest possible service standard.
• Seek new and improved initiatives to enhance service delivery.
• To increase out services to a larger area and also make this more accessible outside of normal operating times such as evenings and weekends.
• Increase our volunteering network.
• Co-ordinate suitable day trips with members.
• Create social enterprise.
• Improve our vehicle fleet working towards environmental standards and requirements.