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Dial a Ride

It is not always viable for people to access public transport for a variety of different reasons. We understand the negative impact this can have on a persons wellbeing, it is paramount for many that no matter what age or ability that a sense of independence is maintained.

Dial-a-Ride helps you keep this. We will pick you up from your door and return you at a time that is convenient for you. This invaluable service continues to enable many people in our community to access shops, medical appointments, social events, family visits and much more. Cost per trip is dependent on area, you will be quoted at the time of booking.

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In order to avoid disappointment we ask that you book onto these outings with as much forward notice as possible, this ensures that we have the numbers to run the route or add a Minibus if needed.

We will contact you one week prior to the trip to confirm your space and give you your allocated pick up time.

Cost for a return is £10

Driver and Minibus Hire

Out of hours

We are continually looking at ways we can help reach the community and increase their accessibility to the local areas.
One of the things recently noted (pre-Covid ) was an increasing demand for groups and individuals needing transport at the weekends and evenings.

We hope to launch this premium service in the near future and are taking enquires for future reference.
We intend to build this service to meet the demands of our passengers hopefully offering them a greater scope and flexibility
when it comes to getting out and about.

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Schools, groups and other organisations

School transport

We provide transport services for a number of local schools for weekly swimming or inter-school connection. If you need transport to local venues, events or indeed further afield please contact us, we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.

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Schools, groups and other organisations

College transport

We provide transport services for local colleges and can arrange transport to other educational locations such a universities , please enquire for details.

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Schools, groups and other organisations

Organisation transport

We operate a number of daily / weekly transport arrangements for social care / wellbeing organisations & passengers who may need to be transferred to alternative care facilities or respite centres; this can be regular or ad-hoc. If you require support please let us know.

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Schools, groups and other organisations

Bespoke transport plans

If you are an organiser for a group or club and would like to arrange a day trip either locally or distant we will be pleased to assist you with your plans. We will be happy to provide you with a quotation and ensure all your arrangements are in place to give your group the best possible experience.

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Schools, groups and other organisations

Care / nursing home transport

Are you a care or nursing homeowner / manager and would like to arrange transport for your residents but do not have a minibus to arrange this? There are many local venues and attractions to enjoy, so please get in touch.

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Become a volunteer

Our service is continually growing and to meet demands volunteer drivers are
welcome to enquire about supporting us. Click here to contact us.